This is an investment that is booked on a fixed tenor basis where from inception the investor indicates a tenor preference (e.g. 30 days, 60 day, 90 days or other tenors preferred by the investor). It attracts a higher interest rate than the call account.

The rates applicable to this investment vary with market conditions.

Outright Purchase

This is the outright purchase of an underlying instrument where the investor holds the title to the investment till maturity.

At maturity, the principal amount is then repayable to the investor from the issuer (usually through FSDH).

Repo Buy Backs

At FSDH, investors can utilize securities as collateral to raise short-term capital.

Presently FSDH does REPOs using Treasury Bills, FGN Bonds, Grade ‘A’ Corporate and State bonds and also the Coral Investment Certificate currently issued by FSDH.